So you have a crush on a Aquarius? | Pisces Perspective

The soft-spoken, often times ex-bully turned humanitarian, Aquarius! Why wouldn’t you? They will have your back!

An Aquarius will not appreciate PDA as much as other signs

Aquarius people aren’t creatively inclined.

Aquarius have an attraction to Cancers, Leos, Libras and Pisces because they emotionally understand what the Aquarius can’t say

Aquarius are the most accurate example of “lady on the streets, freak in the sheets”

Aquarius will decide if they like you early on, so never WAIT too long to win one over.


So you have a crush on a Scorpio? | Pisces Perspective

Ok so, you’re wanting to dip into the dark side of the water? You probably got lost in those mysterious eyes.

If you want to get a Scorpio’s attention, dress sexy and wear red, gold or black.

Scorpios value honesty, loyalty and keeping up the appearance of a united front in public!

Once interested, Scorpios are notorious for becoming obsessed with their love interest.

If you’re casually dating multiple people and you get caught by the Scorpio… GOOD LUCK.


So you have a crush on a Cancer? | Pisces Perspective

So you like the Crabs eh? Okay, I can see why. They’re dreamy, eccentric and often times quirky!

Because they’re so moody, they’re attracted to stable partners like, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpios

If you really want to get a Cancer’s attention, you’ll have to prove you’re not afraid of mood swings

Cancers are really cautious about relationships so you’ll have to prove that you only have eyes for them.

Prepare for a crazy ex if you lose a Cancer. Their relationships usually end with one person despising the other..

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So you have a crush on a Pisces? | Pisces Perspective

So, you’re interested in a teary-eyed, overly sensitive, all-over-the-place Pisces? OK.

Pisces are quirky, eccentric and creative. They’re very random.

Pisces are always hoping for the right person to sweep them off their feet. Like in the movies!

Pisces are compassionate, and they are suckers for a sob story. They love to be supportive.

Pisces are typically attracted to stable partners like Scorpio, Capricorn or the adventurous Sagittarius.

Pisces appreciate people who ponder the spiritual “why?” of life.

If you get overly aggressive with a Pisces, they will act like everything is okay… Then you’ll NEVER see them again.

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Things the Zodiac signs have planned for 2018 | Pisces Perspective

Every year, at the end, we evaluate ourselves and the events that lead us to our desires for the new year.  The last quarter of 2017 was tough for a lot of zodiac signs, especially with that damn Mercury retrograde (Dec 2 – Dec 23, 2017) throughout the holidays! If they had it their way, here’s how the zodiac signs would like the new year to go.

Aries | This is the year I start a(nother) new business!

Taurus | This year I will get stronger, faster… and far more superficial.

Gemini | This is my year to get rich… quick.

Cancer | This year I’m going to work on my friendships.

Leo | This year I want all my hard work to pay or some good luck would be nice.

Virgo | My 2018 resolution is to further refine my pool of close acquaintances.

Libra | This year I want to be impressive.  I’ll show the world what I’m made of!

Scorpio | This will be the year I stop welcoming drama into my life.

Sagittarius | This is the year I admit that my mental health needs attention.

Capricorn | This is the year I’m going to let go, open up more and be vulnerable.

Aquarius | This is the year I’m going to travel and value my time on Earth.

Pisces | This is the year I’m going to search for love everywhere.  I want to fall in love over and over again.