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How each sign acts when they’re interested | Pisces Perspective

An Aries will try to make you smile by stealing the attention in the room. They’ll act as silly as they need to stand out to their crush.

A Taurus is interested if they’re genuinely frustrated by you.  Only people Taurus care about can annoy them so greatly.

A Gemini will tease you. For this sign, it’s about getting you to realize that it’s your lucky day.  If they like you a lot, they’ll take the direct approach.

A Cancer is ruled by the moon and so, the feels will be overwhelming. Cancers are the type to have to muster up the courage to say hello. After that, they’ll always be around.

Leos are bold and foreword so, they will let you know if they are interested pretty aggressively.

Virgos are afraid of rejection so you will not know they have a crush until they’re sure it will be well received. Virgos generally hide their true emotions.

Libras cannot stop grinning when they’re around their crush. Libras do try to impress their crush by NOT being impressed by anything.

Scorpios do not crush on people. They conquer missions and defeat all competition.

Capricorn will partake in the art of seduction when someone catches their eye. They will invite their crush on a spontaneous, exclusive adventure. But first, lots of eye contact.

An Aquarius will try to be real cute with their crush. They’re shy when communicating but they will try to spend time with their potential one and only.

A Pisces will create an entire romantic movie in their head about their crush. A Pisces will daydream about their crush while remaining tight lipped about their feelings. If you catch a Pisces staring at you, they will probably blush and turn away!


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The Zodiac signs react to you bringing up their EXES | Pisces Perspective

Most breakups aren’t mutual and in some cases, one or more individuals are pissed off at the end.  I’m not saying there aren’t signs who break up in an amicable way, I’m just saying its not too often.
If you’re about to ask an emotional water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) about their ex, please don’t forget the Kleenex.  Earth signs tend to be a little more calm and cold about their exes as they  manage “the feels” better than the other signs.  Air signs will overthink the past and talk your ear off for hours, explaining what they were thinking.  Do YOU have that kinda time?  I don’t.  Fires signs will explode after a break up and then they will simply move on.  Bringing up a fire sign’s ex while the wound is fresh, is like removing X-Men’s Cyclops eye wear in mirror emporium. 
With all these factors in play, you might wanna think twice before you ask your friend about their ex!  Nevertheless, here’s how the Zodiac signs react to YOU bringing up their exes.

Aries: Pfft I’m OVER him.. But what’s he upto though? I don’t even care. 

Taurus: F**k that loser he’s obviously failing at life because I’m not in his.

Gemini: Ugh he was so long ago.  He’s a non-factor.  (secretly cries every night)

Cancer: Who?! I was doing FINE until you brought HIM up.  Thanks a lot. 

Leo: Who? Oh yeah, her.  I hope she’s happy..I’ve had like 3 serious relationships since.. I don’t care.

Virgo: Oh him, yeah I hope he’s doing alright… I’ve been so busy with work.

Libra:  I don’t care about this person.  I don’t know this person.  What’s for lunch?

Scorpio: If you bring this person up again, I will not be responsible for my actions…

Sagittarius: We just don’t talk anymore but I should give em a call for a quickie

Capricorn: Ugh what was I even thinking. I don’t respect that person at all.  I’m in a new place in life.

Aquarius:  No comment.

Pisces: Oh I’m over him… **breaks down and cries** I just miss him when I think about what we had… but UGH I hate him so much..but I want him back…


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So you have a crush on an Aries? | Pisces Perspective

So you want a piece of the Ram eh?

I can’t blame you. I mean, they ARE pretty HOT considering they’re a fire sign.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, they have this youthful, bratty exterior…

Just picture the youngest sibling… Picture how spoiled “the baby” of the family is. Well, Aries is the baby of the Zodiac!

Aries are use to getting special treatment and it’s because they have charisma, charm… and sex appeal

If you really wanna get their attention, you’ll have to compliment them… and it’s gotta be sincere.

An Aries is a big romantic. So if they like you, they’ll look like this:

Aries are very picky. If they want you they will be determined to impress you

But.. They lose interest easily and tend to run away… like, FAST

Overall, think about it this way, if you don’t have the stamina to play “games” to get an Aries interested, you wont be able to keep them interested.

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So you have a crush on a Pisces? | Pisces Perspective

So, you’re interested in a teary-eyed, overly sensitive, all-over-the-place Pisces? OK.

Pisces are quirky, eccentric and creative. They’re very random.

Pisces are always hoping for the right person to sweep them off their feet. Like in the movies!

Pisces are compassionate, and they are suckers for a sob story. They love to be supportive.

Pisces are typically attracted to stable partners like Scorpio, Capricorn or the adventurous Sagittarius.

Pisces appreciate people who ponder the spiritual “why?” of life.

If you get overly aggressive with a Pisces, they will act like everything is okay… Then you’ll NEVER see them again.

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Things the Zodiac signs have planned for 2018 | Pisces Perspective

Every year, at the end, we evaluate ourselves and the events that lead us to our desires for the new year.  The last quarter of 2017 was tough for a lot of zodiac signs, especially with that damn Mercury retrograde (Dec 2 – Dec 23, 2017) throughout the holidays! If they had it their way, here’s how the zodiac signs would like the new year to go.

Aries | This is the year I start a(nother) new business!

Taurus | This year I will get stronger, faster… and far more superficial.

Gemini | This is my year to get rich… quick.

Cancer | This year I’m going to work on my friendships.

Leo | This year I want all my hard work to pay or some good luck would be nice.

Virgo | My 2018 resolution is to further refine my pool of close acquaintances.

Libra | This year I want to be impressive.  I’ll show the world what I’m made of!

Scorpio | This will be the year I stop welcoming drama into my life.

Sagittarius | This is the year I admit that my mental health needs attention.

Capricorn | This is the year I’m going to let go, open up more and be vulnerable.

Aquarius | This is the year I’m going to travel and value my time on Earth.

Pisces | This is the year I’m going to search for love everywhere.  I want to fall in love over and over again.